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Your Hair is Like a Plant
It Thrives on Moisture

Your Hair is Like a Plant

About Us

Mr. Leonardo in Atlanta, Georgia, offers a special offer on effective hair loss treatments to treat damaged hair. Our company is passionate about helping people regain their confidence by turning their thinning manes into healthy hair.

"When you Love something you treat it right. Treat your hair right with our hair products."

The Founder, Mr. Leonardo

Having been in the field of cosmetology for more than 40 years and having an academic background in chemistry, our founder Mr. Leonardo saw many unresolved hair issues. It was over 25 years ago that Mr. Leonardo realized how improper techniques and inferior products could damage hair and lead to balding. Through his research, he found that hair loss and breakage due to improper relaxing, lack of proper hair maintenance, and use of color were just a fraction of the problem. Those who continually turn to weaves, braids, and wigs fail to realize that these styling techniques inevitably lead to hair loss.

How Mr. Leonardo's Hair Growth Products Began

Mr. Leonardo and his wife developed the hair growth system to address these growing problems women face with hair loss and damage. We developed the formula after it came to Mr. Leonardo in a dream, a dream he directly attributes to God. In Mr. Leonardo's dream, he saw a plant that represented hair and thrived on moisture. We then applied his realization to our system. Bringing in moisture to damaged hair and restoring it back to health is the principle our business is built upon, and a concept that is not widely practiced today.

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