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Blog: January 17, 2018 Topic: Have you heard of Traction Alopecia?

Hello Friends Have you heard of Traction Alopecia? We are familiar with medical reasons that can cause hair loss. Disease, genetics, and certain medications have been proven to cause hair loss. What you may be unfamiliar with is how certain hairstyles can cause dramatic hair loss over time. We know the hairstyles that our family members would use on our hair. Ponytails, hair buns, dreads, twists, and corn rows are popular hairstyles in our culture. Weave styles are also very popular.

Headgear can also cause traction alopecia. Be careful when wearing hair gear that is tight around the hairline. In simple terms you can pull hair when removing tight head gear. If you are suffering with hair loss due to these styles, the good news is that you can recover your hair with Mr.Leonardo Hair Growth System.

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