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I started using the Hair Growth System in June 2015. I wanted to give the product some time to work before providing a review.

Prior to using the system, I suffered years of hair issues including alopecia, heat damage and very dry unmanageable hair.  I repeatedly cut my once waist length hair to cut off the damage and visited my dermatologist numerous times to treat the alopecia.  The cortisone shots marginally worked and I suffered a major set back in that the spots became larger.  Frustrated and saddened that nothing seemed to help, I was at the end of my rope and contemplated shaving off all of my hair.

Initially I felt a bit overwhelmed at the number of products I had to use, but soon learned that the products work synergistically.  After using the system for a few months my hair is much more manageable, not at all dry.  The spots on my temples are filling in nicely and I worry a lot less about needing to style my hair to camouflage the once balding spots.  I also noticed that the hair growth is quite thick.

Thank you so much for the Mr. Leonardo Hair Growth System!


A Satisfied Customer


 I was experiencing serious hair loss.  My hair was shedding and coming out in long strands each time I combed it.  I was so concerned that I first thought it might be due to some medical problem.  I later learned my hair was over processed.

After a consultation and treatment by Mr. Leonardo, I began using his hair growth system.  Areas that were thin and broken off began to grow.  The shedding stopped and my hair began to feel thicker and healthier.

The hair growth system is easy to use.  The products are pleasant smelling and light.  They don't weigh the hair down.  The products also last since you don't need to use a lot to see quick results.

The no burn relaxer system is the bomb. It  feels cool as it is being applied and it does NOT burn at all.  Furthermore, it has no          unpleasant smell.  I was amazed at how well it worked!

I would highly recommend all of the products in the hair growth system.  I especially think everyone who relaxes their hair should try the no burn relaxer.  Once you try it you will love it.

K. Roache
Atlanta, GA


I have short natural hair and was in the market for a good moisturizer for my hair.  A good friend introduced me to Mr. Leonardo's products and I have had nothing but compliments on my hair.  I then encouraged family members and friends to try his products.  I use Mr. Leonardo's moisturizer, shampoo and leave-in conditioners.  The moisturizer leaves my hair feeling very soft and no comb is needed when using his moisturizer.

T. Capers
Riverdale, GA


Natural hair needs the proper products to be healthy and proper maintenance products to stay healthy. Our Hair Growth System Kit does both. Here is another testimony from one of our natural hair customers.

I found out about Mr. Leonardo's products about four (4) years ago.  I used to drive by the center once or twice per week, and I always wondered, "Does this really work?"  After a bad chemical treatment, I started to experience shedding, breaking and dryness.  That's when I decided to stop by for a consultation.  Mr. Leonardo explained how his products worked and I purchased the Hair Growth System Kit on that day.  Within a few days, I noticed a difference...the shedding and breaking stopped.  Then I noticed my hair starting to grow.  Eventually, my hair was in better condition than ever before.  I've committed to never going back to the "creamy crack"... because my hair is healthy in it's natural state.


Hello my name is Samantha Joseph and I am from Dallas TX.  Allow me to give you a little history about my hair.  I have been trying to grow my hair for the last seven years and especially around the edges which were very thin to bald.  While visiting relatives in Atlanta, GA. I passed by Mr Leonardo's place of business.  I called and then I went online to read more about the product.  After using Mr. Leonardo's Hair Growth System, I am very  pleased with the results of knowing that the Hair Growth System really works!
I started using it on a Friday and the following Monday, which is four days later, I saw hair growth around my balding edges.  It was unbelievable to see such results so quickly, not only did I notice my hair was growing, but my husband and my son also noticed hair growth around my edges. I have thrown away all other hair products that I was using before.  The Hair Growth System is all I need.  I have never found any hair product that has grown my hair and absolutely nothing that renders such fast results as the Hair Growth System.  I will be posting all my before and after pictures on my Facebook page in six weeks.  I want people to see my results and really see what the Hair Growth System has done for my hair! I'm thanking God daily for answering my prayers, and I'm being very serious!


Before Using Mr. Leonardo's Relaxer System
BEFORE                         AFTER

_Your products are top-notch! My hair was dry and damaged and after a friend gave me some of your intensive growth cream, I gave it a try.  I noticed a big difference within a few weeks! I wanted to get a hair regime that worked for me so I came into your shop for a consultation.  I purchased your relaxer system and it worked great!   There were no burns on my sensitive scalp and left a beautiful texture and shine on my hair!  Check out my before and after pictures!

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."
It's been only ONE WEEK...and all I can say is "WOW".  I'm thinking "What's in this stuff?"
All the times I've passed by Mr. Leonardo's Hair Growth Center; I now can truly say, I wish I had stopped by sooner.  I walked into Mr. Leonardo's Hair Growth Center a week ago today and already I can see crazy hair growth in areas I've never had hair before.  Oh yes, I had my doubts like others, but you can't argue with the evidence before you.  I AM AMAZED!! and SO EXCITED by the results I am seeing.  I find such comfort in knowing that my hair is being taken care of.  My scalp (at the very top) was so badly scarred and so painful that I thought it was damaged for life.  But after using Mr. Leonardo's products, following the instructions closely, the pain completely went away.  His products are a miracle in a bottle and I'm a client for life.
D. Tabor


Before & After In six months and still growing

Enclosed are two pictures (Feb.-Aug.) that shows the growth of my hair.  I've followed the instructions as required and considerable progress has been made thus far. What is most important is the fact that the products work and are still working!
God Bless You.

I highly recommend Mr. Leonardo Hair Growth System,  It is the only product that I have used and know for sure that it works.  My hair was thinning on the top but when I started using this product, I saw a change come my way.  Thank God for this product.

Priscilla Walker
Atlanta, GA

I have used the oil moisturizer for over two years.  It keeps my hair more supple and manageable than any other product I've ever used.  I use it daily and also to set my hair with.  It gives it a shine and keeps my coarse hair straighter longer.  A little goes a long way. I have also used the other products in Mr. Leonardo's Product Line and also found them very effective.

Marcia White

I am a Believer!  When I came to Mr. Leonardo in June 2012, my hair was thinning, easily breaking and bald sides.  All this was due to hair weave, braiding and bad hair products.  I began using Mr. Leonardo Hair Growth System Kit immediately.  After two weeks, I could see results.  I thought I was just being optimistic, but when my brother said he could not tell that my hair was missing, I knew it was working.
He insisted on me talking to my niece.  She wanted to try it.  He immediately Fed-Ex her the Hair Growth System Kit to Arizona.  In the meantime, my daughter began using my system because her hair was badly broken off in the back due to a terrible perm.  Now her hair is long enough and thick enough to braid.
I recommend the Hair Growth System Kit to all women who want nice, thick, long healthy hair.  Forget Ovation! Tried that! It didn't work! Mr. Leonardo, thank you for your product!  You have to try it to believe it!  I am a true Believer!
Iola Green

My hair was breaking when I permed it and was very fragile and weak.  Now since I have started using Mr. Leonardo's Products, my hair holds a perm for three months or more. After using the Hair Growth System it looks like I have a fresh perm.  There is no more breakage and my hair has grown at least two inches since using the products.  Hair around my temples have filled in.

I can honestly say I have tried many products, but look no further, this one is it.  Also there is no burn when you perm your hair with Mr. Leonardo's Relaxer System.
 Thank you,
 D. Bryant


Mr. Leonardo,

Your products are AWESOME!

At first I wasn't a believer. My mom started using your product after a perm took her hair out. After using your product for 6 to 8 weeks, her hair started growing. She now has a full head of healthy thick hair. She was so happy with the products I purchased another complete set and the perm for Mothers Day 2012. While I was making the purchase for my mom, you suggested since I have braids that it would help my hair growth if I used the Miracle Hair Drop Grow System and my hair is growing and my edges are healthy and strong.

Marshall Family

Mableton, GA


I have known Mr. Leonardo for 25 years.  The products saved my hair. My hair had come out, became bald in the top of my head.  My hair was very thin and when combing my hair, my hair was falling out.  I started using Mr. Leonardo's products and I'm so happy with the results.  No hair falling out, my hair is very soft and thick, no more bald spots.  My hair is shiny and manageable.  I would not change to another product ever.  Thank you Mr. Leonardo!
Ms. Walker

First of all, I start by saying-"How do I say Thank You, Mr. Leonardo for what you have done for the growth of my hair."- If you remember, early February, 2011, I walked into your Hair Growth Center.  You had gone out for a few seconds and your wife, Mrs. Leonardo greeted me when I walked in the door.  She said "May I help you?"  I said tell me about you Hair Growth business.  She began to explain it.  She stated afterwards, Mr. Leonardo stepped out for a few minutes.  He will be right back and will do a consultation and go into details with you about the hair growth and the products.
By this time Mr. Leonardo walked into the door. Mrs. Leonardo introduced us.  She did not say my name because I was so interested in what she had to say, I forgot to tell her my name, therefore, as she was  introducing us, I said my name is Vivian and what can you do to grow my hair back? Then I snatched my (wig) off my head to show him how damaged my hair was.  In the top of my head, across my forehead was bald, on the sides of my head, bald, on the lower back of my head, bald.  My hair was in a very, very sad state.  I had been with my previous hair stylist for years and years, even though I knew the products that were being used on my hair was (toxic).  Everytime I combed my hair it would come out by the hand full.  It was thin, brittle and very weak, but I was trying to be a loyal customer and losing hair at the same time.
For three years I would pass by Mr. Leonardo's Hair Growth Center.  I felt compelled to stop in, but I felt as though I did not want to betray my stylist who I had been with as I said for many, many years.  Believe it or not, I was constantly praying for God's guidance regarding an answer to how I was losing my hair.  I was told by some oh honey, as we age, we lose our hair, we go bald in some parts of our head.  So I just assumed that this was happening to me, since I am not in my 30's or 40's.  But all that did not sit well with my spirit.  God was trying to tell me something.  Everyday I drove pass Mr. Leonardo's Hair Growth Center, I felt a nuge in my stomach.  God was giving me a sign to park my car and go inside.  Meanwhile after several nuges in my stomach when I would drive by, one day (last February 2011) I stopped, parked my car and went into the center and the rest is history
My hair has grown back in all of the bald spots.  It has grown length wise and it is still growing, shinning, glossy, healthy, thick and beautiful.  I am a living witness.  Don't let anyone fool you, this man of God hands are blessed.  He has the touch of God's Holy Spirit to have formulated these great products.  I look at my hair now and say "WOW!"
Therefore, as I close, stop by Mr. Leonardo's Hair Growth Center.  Educate yourself on black hair.  And last but not least-Use, Use Use The Products.  I promise you, you will see the difference.
Thank you for allowing me to share my "Hair Growth Experience" from Mr. Leonardo's Hair Growth Center, where all hair can and will be repaired.
Dr. Vivian

Starting at age 28, I noticed my hair always shedded in one spot.  I always felt I took care of my hair, but it would itch so bad no matter what I used it would not help. I ended up with a bald spot in that area and didn't know what to do. I eventually purchased a hair piece to cover the bald spot.
I always passed in front of Mr. Leonardo's Hair Growth Center but did not stop in for help or to even find out if I could be helped. Finally I decided to stop in.  I spoke to Mr. Leonardo who convinced me to purchase the Intensive Growth Cream.  I was skeptical because I had tried so many products with no results. Until I stopped in and spoke to Mr. Leonardo, no one could ever tell me why I was itching so much and what was causing the breakage, not even my stylist.
The spot has filled in and the itching stopped.  I don't even have to use oil sheen anymore.  My hair is now shiny and healthy.  I have purchased the Hair Growth System and am telling my entire family about Mr. Leonardo's great products. It's real! It stopped my itch!


I would like to inform others about my experience with Mr. Leonardos Hair Products.  Beginning in 2005, I came to Mr. Leonardos store and began to question him concerning his products.  I initially heard him speak on the radio concerning his products about how someone can grow their hair back stronger without breakage.  I purchased the hair growth product.  Within three months, I began to remarkably see my hair grow.  Within six months, my hair was shoulder length, how amazing!  I immediately had to tell everyone that I came in contact with. I just had to tell everyone about my wonderful miraculous experience, considering it took me years of searching to finally find a product and actually achieve hair growth. My hair would remain in one spot without growing. My husband could not keep his hands off my hair. He pulled and pulled even asking if it were real. But even I did not tell him to stop.  After all, I enjoyed the attention and excitement.  My husband asked if I were wearing a hair weave. I just laughed and told him no.  Often times, I would stand and wait outside the store for them to open to purchase his hair product... Since then I have NEVER used another companys perm or hair products other than Mr. Leonardos and never will.  I will ALWAYS use Mr. Leonardos Hair Products and I will stand on my WORD.



Shirley Frazier


October 14, 2011

Hi Mr. Leonardo,

 I have been a loyal customer of yours for more than 3 months now.  I just want to first thank God for your product.  I had alopecia in the crown of my head and every since I have been using your Leonardo products, my hair has been growing very healthy and beautiful day by day.  I have recommended your product to my family and friends.  It has been very hard for me to find a product that I am satisfied with until your product came along.  I have been extremely satisfied and really love what it has done for my hair.  May you continue to be blessed and much success with your wonderful product.


D.R. from Atlanta, GA


October 1, 2011
Mr. Leonardo, I thank the Lord for giving you the knowledge & talent of proper hair care and I thank you for sharing that talent with others.

Before I came to you my hair had become so dry & brittle that it was falling out in droves. My scalp was very sensitive and flaky from the dryness. I could not make it through a touch-up without my scalp burning so badly that I would be almost in tears. I was considering purchasing a wig but realized that would not help the condition of my hair and scalp.

Since you have been treating my hair with your unique products  I no longer have dry scalp and no more burning during touch-ups.  My hair and scalp are now in the healthiest condition that it has ever been and the texture of my hair is so much better.

I now realize thanks to you that I have to treat my hair like a plant and give it proper nourishment by keeping it moisturized with your unique products in order for it to remain healthy and promote growth.

I  get so many compliments on my hair and when asked what products I use I proudly tell about Mr. Leonardo's products and how they helped me.
P. Brown
Washington DC
July 22, 2011
My name is Cordriel Wood.  I'm forty years old.  I had severe dandruff problems, very severe.  When I carried on a conversation with others, they couldn't really pay attention to what I was saying for looking at my scalp.  That's how bad it was.  I have tried all kinds of products, sulfur 8, selsun blue and glovers-NOTHING I mean NOTHING worked. 
The salons use to call me a chair hopper, I didn't care because I was looking for someone or something to cure this dandruff problem.  My mom said I had this problem my entire life.  She called it "growing dandruff."  All I knew is that I wanted it gone.  It was so embarrasing.
I was told to go see Mr. Leonardo, he might be able to help me.  I said, "no, that's just a get rich quick scheme."  But, I was desperate.  I stopped by and he gave me a free consultation.  I bought the Hair Growth System Kit and The Dandruff Shampoo.  When I tell you I only used it twice and I don't have a dandruff insight.  My scalp is so clean I just wanted to cry because I was so happy that finally, finally I found a cure for this dry, flaky scalp.  This is a true and honest story and it's my story.
You will have to know me to understand why I'm so emotional about this.  A product that really works.  I have spent so much money on products and spent plenty of time washing my hair trying to get rid of the dandruff.  My quest is over!  I found my scalp savior and I found that in Mr. Leonardo's Hair Products.
I am thankful and grateful to the person that told me to stop by Mr. Leonardo, because it really works!  Now I don't have to hide my scalp under hats and bonnets.  My scalp is FREE from dandruff.
Cordriel Wood     
May 29, 2011
I have natural hair and have a hard time keeping my curly hair untangled and not frizzy.  Mr. Leonardo Hair Growth System stopped my breakage and tamed my frizzy hair.  It also makes it easy to straighten and curl.  I love this product!
B. Watkins 
May 20, 2011
I must say that Mr. Leonardo's Products work!  I normally do a touch-up relaxer every six weeks and now using Mr. Leonardo's Relaxer System it is relaxed every three to four months.  My hair has just taken off in growth.  In three months I had four inches of growth.  My fiance's hair is not only thickening up, it is filling out.  It has made me a believer.
R. Stanford 
April 2, 2011
When I first came to Mr. Leonardo my hair was coming out by the comb full.  I also had a bald spot in the lower crown of my head. Mr. Leonardo applied the Fast Grow Oil Moisturizer to my hair and I instantly saw results. As I continued to use the Hair Growth Products I saw less hair in the comb.
I am a witness that Mr. Leonardo's Products work. The bald spot is full and the rest of my hair is thick and full.  I had tried many different products on the bald spot and nothing happened until I used Mr. Leonardo.
I love this product and will continue to use it. 
Thank you Mr. Leonardo
B. J. Hunter 
Atlanta, GA
December 8, 2010
I started using Mr. Leonardo's Products in March of 2010 and I actually saw results in two days!!  My edges were darker indicating new growth and the shedding had stopped completely!! I was told by a dermatologist and two hair stylist that I have alopecia and my hair would never grow back, my hair follicles were dead. After trying many unsuccessful products, weaves, hair pieces, lace front wigs, I was at my wits end. I decided to give Mr. Leonardo a try and I am estatic to say IT WORKS!!  This great product proved all other products are made only to make money instead of actually providing the nourishment your hair needs.  Mr. Leonardo's product does what it states it is designed to do and that's what counts. I found out if you buy $2.00 hair products, you will have $2.00 hair!!
A Very Satisfied Customer
C. Douglass
P.S. I have and will recommend Mr. Leonardo's Products to anyone and I also use it on my daughter's hair.  My head had bald spots for almost ten years and this product started bringing it back in less than a week!! 
December 2, 2010
My name is Obie.  I started using Mr. Leonardo's Hair Growth System in September of 2010.  My hair was balding in the top, what is called male pattern baldness.  I had gone to a number of hair growth consultants and most of them were talking about expensive hair replacement which I could not afford.  Even if I could have afforded them, I was concerned about the possibility of loosing the hair they transplanted if there was a problem with my scalp; would I have the procedure done only to loose my hair later.  I had been passing Mr. Leonardo's Hair Growth Center many times and one day I said that I would go in and see if they could help me.  They were very kind and professional.  After I received the free consultation, I was told that if I would use the Hair Growth System, I could get my hair back, even though I was balding.  I started using the product and within (2) two weeks my hair stopped falling out.  Within one month I began to see new hair growing.  I am very happy and excited about getting my hair back.  Who says that a sixty-four (64) year old man cannot have a full head of hair.  I want my hair to grow until it reaches my shoulders.  Thanks to God, using Mr. Leonardo's products, one day I will.
Obie Sailors
Atlanta, GA
December 1, 2010
This product is simply amazing.  My hair began thinning when I was in my middle twenties and I was told by various people, barbers included that my hair would not grow, "time to give in to nature, pack it in, your hair will not grow."  So I started using black dyes, Rogaine and other chemicals that claimed to grow hair in a beneficial stance, but these products were short lived.  Soon I gave up and started to cut my hair in a bald cut.  Then something told me to go to Mr. Leonardo's Hair Growth Center that I had driven past for years.  On this day I finally went in and it was a rap.  As I started to use the Hair Growth System, people were astounded how my hair was growing.  Yes, I had given in to the negative words that I never thought in this life time my hair would grow again.  However, I said I would believe in this process and I am elated to use this product as my hair raising journey continues.
Errick Thornton (31)
Atlanta, GA
November 30, 2010
I began losing my hair on the sides and in the front about two years ago.  I tried other products that were referred by my stylist and friends.  Although I spent hundreds of dollars, I have never seen results like I have with Mr. Leonardo's products.  I have been using Mr. Leonardo's Hair Growth System for four months and I can see a big difference in my hair.  The bald spots are filling in, my hair is softer and my confidence is growing.  This Hair Growth System is worth the investment.  Be sure to use the products as instructed and be patient and watch your hair grow!
Thanks Mr. Leonardo
Atlanta, GA
November 29, 2010
My hair was falling out on the shower floor.  My hair also was thinning and becoming dry and brittle.  I saw Mr. Leonardo's commercial on TV that stated it could help my situation.  The commercial was saying "Get Your Hair Back."  I knew I previously had thick and beautiful hair, so why was it coming out?  I had faith and bought the Hair Growth System. I washed my hair for 3 days and saw results.  My hair thicken back up and got a shine and I knew this was what I was looking for, a product that was user friendly and natural.  Try it-you will love it.
R. Paden
July 13, 2010
Just writing to let you know how happy I am with your products.  They have done exactly as you said they would do. My hair is fuller and growing beautifully.  One of the things I noticed right off the bat when I started to use your products was the shedding stopped.  That was my biggest problem and the reason my hair would not grow.  It wasn't able to because of the constant breakage.
My hair is thin and one side was thinner than the other.  I am happy to report that the once thinner side is nice and full as the other side.  I have never been able to accomplish the results I am experiencing with my hair with any other products.  Your products are truly a blessing.  I am running out of some of my products and will be stopping by your store soon.
A. James
Atlanta, GA 
March 2010
I have been using Mr. Leonardo's Hair Products going on 4 weeks and I am amazed at the look and feel of my hair.  For three years I had been looking for a system that will grow my hair but I kept running into a wall.  I was going to the dermatologist getting cortizone shots in my scalp and all it gave me was headaches, and I was told by the hair club that my hair would not grow back.  However, they were wrong because after a little under 4 weeks of using Mr. Leonardo Hair Growth System my hair has shown growth and my hair looks great.  I highly recommend Mr. Leonardo's products.  It will change your life!
Sonya E.
February 9. 2010
I ordered Mr. Leonardo Hair Growth System Kit and I must say it has done wonders for my hair.  My hair is lushes and bouncy and when I am asked about my hair, I let them know it is Mr. Leonardo's Products.  I have tried a lot of different hair products claiming to help replenish and nourish the hair, however, they are only interested in the money (sales).  With Mr. Leonardo Hair Growth and Maintenance Products, I don't mind spending my money, because it really works!
Thank You,
New York
December 2009
My name is A. Barfield and I have had a problem with thin hair since I was a child.  Since I have been using Mr. Leonardo's Products my hair is thick and silky smooth.  I love to comb it now.  I tell you God is so good.  His hand is on these products.  You just have to try them.  It works!
A. Barfield
I have known about Mr. Leonardo's Hair Growth and Hair Care Products for several years! I would drive by the Hair Growth Center, but never took the time to call or stop and inquire about the products.
I was one of those women who (HAD) hair, but decided to go the easy route by wearing BRAIDS, WEAVE and WIGS.  As the years went by, more of my hair started shedding, breaking and falling out.  Eventually, I got a bald spot at the crown of my head.  The only thing I could do at this point was to cover it up by wearing wigs and weave.
I wanted to grow my (OWN) hair back.  I just didn't know what to do.  I started trying different hair products and relaxers.  No matter how many different hair products I tried, the bald area grew larger and larger. My hair just wouldn't grow back!
One day I decided to call Mr. Leonardo's Hair Growth Center.  I got a (FREE PHONE CONSULTATION).  I immediately made an appointment for a face to face consultation.
During the actual consultation, I was asked to take my wig off.  I was so ashamed to take it off, however, I was made to feel comfortable enough to take it off.  I felt that nothing could be done to repair the damage that was already done. (WAS I WRONG!!!)
Mr. Leonardo explained to me how the Hair Growth System would help me and I  could (GET MY HAIR BACK) and have HEALTHY hair again.  I was also explained the different programs.  I've been using Mr. Leonardo's Hair Growth and Hair Care Products for about six months now.  I've never been happier!
The bald spot is gone and the rest of my hair has grown and has never been healthier.  My hair feels soft and is silky.  I am using the Hair Growth System Kit for maintenance.
These products ARE THE BEST HAIR PRODUCTS I've ever used.  I can truly say out of ALL, and I do mean ALL the products I have used over the years, I have never had this kind of amazing results as I have received with Mr. Leonardo's Hair Growth and Hair Care Products.  These Products Really Work!!!
Thank You,
LeCatherine W.
February 13, 2009
My name is Tonya S. I'm a thirty-seven year old African American woman and here is my testimony.  Throughout the years of doing my own hair, and visiting numerous hair salons, I've learned one thing--  African Americans are truly in my opinion, being cheated out of quality hair products.
In the past, I would visit some of the best stylist here in Augusta, however, I noticed that my relaxers weren't lasting as long as they should for the price that I would pay.  My hair would begin to get dull, dry, brittle and I'd have to start all over again.  So, I decided to do my own hair and set out to find the perfect relaxer for my hair.
The box perms would quickly cause calcium build up and eventually breakage.  The jar perms were no better.  They would burn too badly and they too wouldn't last long, even though the Koreans told me "this one is the best one" many perms later.  I just picked one and stuck with it, like it or not.
Then one day I saw an ad for Mr. Leonardo's Relaxer System in Hype Hair magazine.  Even though I was unsure, I called the toll free number and spoke to Mr. Leonardo, himself.  He was very reassuring, so I decided to step out on faith and placed an order for the relaxer system.
Let me tell you, God is good because he kept urging me for months to call and finally I obeyed. I'm glad I did.  I'm so HAPPY!  My hair looks amazing.  After relaxing my hair, I used a ceramic flat iron to style my hair.  BOY OH BOY, AM I HAPPY!  My hair is so silky, so soft.  It feels so conditioned, so very healthy.  I can't even believe this is my hair.  It looks that good!  Starring at myself in the mirror, it's hard to believe it's me starring back.  My self confidence has sky rocketed.  It feels like I've just stepped out of a salon.  Only I'm in my own home!!!
Now people are stopping me, admiring my hair-before it was the other way around.  Ladies yes, I understand that a lot of you are unsure about trying something new when it comes to relaxers, especially something as important as a relaxer.  However, I'm here to tell you Mr. Leonardo is bringing forth a change to African American hair.  We all can't afford to pay salon prices every week, for some not even every month.
Thanks to Mr. Leonardo, we can still look good and have strong, healthy, silky, conditioned hair at home-from home.  Honestly I had given up totally, truly I did.  I even had an appointment to get my hair all cut off real short in the back and side, but not now.  I'm going to let it grow and grow.
Ladies, if you've tried just about everything to make your hair grow or to relax your hair and you are still not satisfied, please try Mr. Leonardo's products.  He is truly giving women back and restoring our crown and glory.
Thank you sincerely, Mr. Leonardo.
Tonya S.
From: Augusta, GA
PS:  I'm SO HAPPY, notice how many times, I said "my hair" in this letter-LOL!
After using several different hair growth products and considering hair replacement, I finally decided to try Mr. Leonardo's Hair Growth Products.  After using the products for two weeks, I not only saw growth, but the texture of my hair was strong and healthy.  I've been using the products for three months now and cannot beleive the change in my hair!
W. J. Carter
October 25, 2008
Mr. Leonardo's products works just as he says.  Before purchasing the products, my hair was dry, unmanageable, shedding a lot and when wet, it would mat up and break as I combed it.  My touch up looked as if the perm wasn't taking.  After using Mr. Leonardo's Hair Growth System, my hair is manageable, shiny and the shedding has stopped! I see no hair on the floor!  I am so happy, my hair has control.  When I hear or talk to women that are complaining about their hair issues, I proudly tell them about Mr. Leonardo's Hair Growth and Hair Care Products.  My hair shows that it works!
Mr. Juanita   
August 7, 2008
My hair experience started with trying braids and weaves. So I became brave and took my weave out. Wow, under the weave was very weak hair that was damaged. So trusting in my hair stylist she advised me that I would be safe to put a relaxer (no-lye) in my hair, which is what she did. After putting the relaxer in my hair, the relaxer did not straighten my hair, so my stylist suggested I come back in three weeks to do a "corrective" relaxer. I returned in three weeks to my stylist to do the corrective relaxer, some result, my hair was still not straight, but this time it felt like a wool brillo pad and would come out in huge balls of hair everytime I combed my hair. I would comb big bulks of hair out and complain to my mom about my hair because I knew that if I continued I was going to be "BALD". I called my hair stylist to voice my concern about my hair being nappy and falling out and she angrily told me, "your hair is not coming out". I was very concerned because I knew I was in trouble with no where to turn.
One day I was at work just surfing the net and Mr. Leonardo's website came up. I called Mr. Leonardo and explained my situation. I was told to come in for a free consultation. I felt I had nothing to loose, so I went in to Mr. Leonardo's Hair Growth and Hair Care Center. After consulting with Mr. Leonardo, he explained what was going on with my hair, why it was dry and brittle and falling out. He stated that I needed to invest in Mr. Leonardo's Hair Growth System and use it for about two weeks and then return and use Mr. Leonardo's Relaxer System. I used the Hair Growth System and the breakage began to cease.
I returned to get the relaxer and the brillo pad started to soften. The next relaxer my hair soften more and now there was NO breakage! Now I'm moving forward proudly!
Thrilled and Satisfied!
July 30, 2008
Dear Mr. Leonardo,
This is to let you know how great a product you have. My hair is growing so fast and is very healthy and radiant. For the first time in my life, I have a head full of thick healthy hair. I was never able to wear a perm without it breaking off. I converted to a perm in April 2008 after 2 and 1/2 years of natural hair only to have it start breaking off again. I would get so frustrated going to the hair salon and my hair would still fall out. After three days of using your products, my hair has literally stopped breaking. Since it is growing so thick and fast, I needed a perm in four weeks. This is coming from someone that had her hair cut completely off three times and converted to a natural style out of frustration, disappointment and embarrassment. I have never had this much hair and such great results in my life. I can follow your guidelines and do it myself and not have to worry about it breaking off. Everywhere I go people compliment me on my hair. Now I realize why a lot of people wear short styles because of the problems they are dealing with and not being able to grow and maintain healthy hair. Thanks to your products I'm not in that category anymore.
P.S. Since my hair is under control and doing so well, I am not under as much stress worrying about it. Now I am able to focus on more important matters in my life. I started eating properly, exercising and have already lost ten pounds. I know God heard my prayer about my hair and sent me to you. Thank you very much.
From A Loyal Customer
A. Bell
May 5, 2008
I'm a woman who has recently had some challenges in growing my hair and getting the proper hair care treatment for it. I've decided to not put a perm in my hair any more and that has recently created even more of a challenge. Becoming extremely frustrated, a friend of mine suggested that I get some type of hair consultation from this center located on Cascade Road in Atlanta. She knew the name of the street but not the name of the center. Well, I went on a Monday and Mr. Leonardo put some of the Oil Formula Moisturizer on my hair and I was sold. My hair was so dry and course and breaking off. I left that day with a complete Hair Growth System Kit and have not looked back since. My hair feels so much better. It's getting healthier each day. I've reconnected with a young lady who did my hair before and she loves using Mr. Leonardo's Hair Products. She remembers how difficult it was to do my hair before. After going back to her, she and I have seen the improvements in just 2 weeks.
I can't thank Mr. Leonardo enough for his Hair Growth and Hair Care Products. These products are awesome and really works! I have told everyone who will listen to give these products a try.
M. Birt
March 10, 2008
The Leonardo's Products have really added balance and life to my hair. Since using Mr. Leonardo Hair Products my scalp is no longer dry and flaky. Before using the products I recall having a dry and itchy scalp. Now the only thing I've been faced with are compliments from family, friends and co-workers.
K. Boyd
February 15, 2008
I have been coming to Mr. Leonardo's Hair Growth Center for five years and using the complete line of products as well. In the five years I have been using Mr. Leonardo's Hair Growth System I got my hair back and have continued to use it for maintenance. I am a marathon runner. I run five marathons a year. I maintain a weekly average of 50 to 60 miles a week. Before coming to Mr. Leonardo and using the products, my hair was dry and brittle. All the other perms I used dried my hair out. Once my hair dried out, it would break. In the top of my hair I was bald. I went to a dermatologist and she told me my hair was over processed. So I started coming to Mr. Leonardo and using the complete line of products. I have all my hair back and my bald spots are gone as well. I will never use another perm other than Mr. Leonardo's Perm System. Your perm doesn't change the texture of my hair. Since it doesn't change the texture of my hair, I can go longer between touchups without my hair breaking. Most women will not workout because of their hair. Ladies let me tell you, if you want to workout and keep your hair, maintenance is the key. Products used in traditional salons robs the hair of moisture and dries it out. With Mr. Leonardo's Hair Growth and Hair Care Products your hair maintains moisture. I can't shampoo after every run, so between shampoos I use the daily use products-moisturizer and cream. IT WORKS!
J. Wise
January7, 2008
Because I have been coloring my hair blonde for several years, I started getting a lot of breakage and shedding and my hair looked dull and dry. Just about the time I decided the only solution to stopping the problem was to stop coloring my hair, I saw a TV commercial for Mr. Leonardo's products. The information given about the products sounded like something that might be helpful so I called Mr. Leonardo's Hair Growth Center to get a consultation that same day.
During the consultation Mr. Leonardo explained why my hair was breaking and applied just a "tad" of the Fast Grow Formula Oil Moisturizer. The instant sheen produced by the product brought my hair to life and sold me on the product. However, before I left I actually purchased Mr. Leonardo's Hair Growth System-a very wise purchase.
After using the Intensive Grow Cream and the Fast Grow Formula Oil Moisturizer twice a day for two weeks, I started to see an unbelievable difference in the areas where my hair had been breaking and shedding. The broken edges were actually growing and the shedding had just about stopped entirely (and it did after 4 weeks).
After 3 weeks of usage of the System I was so pleased I decided I would try Mr. Leonardo's perm so I made an appointment for a perm. Again, a wise move as it left my hair feeling like silk.
I have now been using the Hair Growth System for 6 weeks, it has been 3 weeks since my perm and I am truly pleased with the improvement in my hair. I also learned a lot from Mr. Leonardo about hair in general and specifically my hair. He gave me a crash course in hair care (information which hairdressers do not tell their clients).
So, thanks to Mr. Leonardo and his System, my dry, dull, lifeless, breaking and shedding hair is back on track.
V.J. Saulsbury
November 2007
Lord, you said that you would supply all my needs according to your riches in Christ Jesus. I NEED MY HAIR BACK! That was my prayer having lost my hair after surgery-nothing in the front. Mr. Leonardo's Hair Growth Products was the answer to my prayer! I am truly thankful for getting my hair back!
October 22, 2007
Dear Mr. Leonardo
I use to do battle with my hair every morning. It was winning. I could not get my hair to feel like hair. The texture of my hair felt like straw. The battle is over thanks to your Hair Growth Products. I saw your commercial on television about three weeks ago and decided to give your products a try. I went to your Hair Growth Center to buy the Fast Grow Formula Oil Moisturizer. During the course of our conversation, I stated that my hair feels like straw. You touched my hair and said that I needed the Phase II Deep Intensive Grow Leave In Conditioner. You applied it to the right side of my hair and within moments my hair felt smoother and silkier to the touch. I couldn't believe it! So far so good. But since the customer is always right, I still wanted the Fast Grow Formula Oil Moisturizer. So I grabbed a bottle to read the ingredients and the first ingredient that I saw was mineral oil. I felt defeated because I was taught that mineral oil does nothing for the hair. When you told me that it doesn't weigh the hair down, I was sold because I was about to leave. I was so impressed with the results. The first week that I used the Fast Grow Formula Oil Moisturizer I noticed new growth! Your products do just what you say they do. They really work. Before I forget, I remembered that you applied the Phase II Deep Intensive Grow Leave In Conditioner to my hair. The right side of my hair still felt soft and silky. The left side of my hair felt like a small brillo pad. So I went back to your Hair Growth Center and purchased Mr. Leonardo's Perm Kit. My hair feels and looks good all over! I am not waiting to exhale anymore. I can breathe freely thanks to your Hair Growth Products. Thank you so much and God bless you.
October 5, 2007
I first learned about Mr. Leonardo from a magazine ad a couple of years ago. I was experiencing dry, brittle hair that fell out everytime I either combed or brushed it. I am a beauty advisor and leadership executive with a major cosmetic company so its always important for me to always look my best in my business. For a long time, I've worn wigs, braids and even weaves to hide the problems, but afterwards I was still left with dry, brittle and unmanageable hair. On top of the unmanageable hair, I couldn't stand to see gray hair growing out.
One day I decided to call Mr. Leonardo to inquire about the services and scheduled an appointment. To my surprise I found that my hair did have life after a perm and treatment. However, trying to save a dollar I decided to go back out and try other stylists. Each time, my hair was lifeless and no matter what I used on it, it would go back to its original texture. I bought practically everything on the market from hair lotion, oil sheen, sprays, shampoo and conditioners to try to get the same results I got from Mr. Leonardo. The last perm I got left my hair looking and feeling like wool due to underprocessing. I prayed for an answer and later realized the answer was already there. I just didn't want to pay the price.
After a year and a half searching the market for a cheaper price with the same quality and results I came back to Mr. Leonardo. When I walked in the door, sat down in the chair, he told me what was going on with my hair. After a perm and treatment, I couldn't believe my eyes! My unrulely and unmanageable HAIR HAD LIFE AND FELT LIKE SILK! I even liked my hair with the gray! For me, it's a powerful testimony and I will never go back to another product ever again. You really do get what you pay for.
Felita Daniely
September 14, 2007
Dear Mr. Leonardo,
I've enjoyed your products very much and I am very pleased with the results. My hair has grown so well from using your product. I was ashamed of my head. I hid it by wearing wigs and scarves. Now I'm wearing my own hair because the baldness is no longer there. Thank you "Jesus" and you Mr. Leonardo. Your product really work!
Thank you,
August 31, 2007
Dear Mr. Leonardo,
I want you to know that I am THRILLED with the results I am getting from the set (Hair Growth System) I ordered from you. Your product does JUST what you say it does. IT WORKS! In ONE MONTH I have seen a noticeable difference in Growth, Density and Texture!
Well done. You can quote me in your ads if you wish! I Love Your Products!
M. Mansaly
The Netherlands
July 5, 2007
Dear Mr. Leonardo,
I'm writing this letter to thank you so much for your wonderful Hair Growth Products. I came into your center earlier this year desperate for a solution to my hair problems. My hair had been thinning in the top for several years. Every hair professional that I went to gave me some pretty styles, but unfortunately no one was able to address the issue of the progressive thinning. Over a period of years, the relaxers, dyes and excessive heat from curling irons proved to be too much for my hair to survive. I ultimately experienced an incident of chemical burning that actually caused me to go bald in my trouble area. I began to wear wigs and thought I would have to live the rest of my life without my own hair. I then started going to a dermatologist, who after several visits was unable to offer a solution. I used products he recommended, including Rogaine, but my hair never progressed. I was beginning to think it was hopeless.
Eventually, some of my hair grew back and I began wearing my natural hair again, just making sure I covered my balding area. I knew this wasn't how I wanted to continue, so I just began to pray that I would find a solution to my problem. I passed by your center one day and decided to go in to find out about your products. After my first visit my hair appeared thicker and healthier. I was amazed! I've been using your products for 6 months now and my hair is healthier than its been in years. The balding area is gradually filling in and everyone is complimenting me on how good my hair looks.
Your products are the best I've used, and believe me I have used many, many products over the years and none live up to their claims. Thank you so much for your Hair Growth Products and improving the quality of my life! It has really been a blessing.
Blanche Lavender
Loyal Customer
Atlanta, GA
June 12, 2007
Dear Mr. Leonardo,
One afternoon I was traveling on Cascade Road, heading for home when the traffic light turned red and I was stopped there. I looked to my right and there was a sign in the window of your establishment that caught my eye. There was a picture of a woman that was completely bald in the top of her head. At this time the light changed, so I turned to the left, pulled into a parking lot and got out of my car and crossed the street so I could get a better look. As I got closer I saw where she had used your Hair Growth Product and after six months, she had a head full of hair. I was very impressed and wanted more information on the product.
So you looked at my hair and said it would grow, if I followed the instructions. So I bought the product and followed the instructions and eight months later I have a head full of hair, and it is still growing. You see I had lost my hair to Cancer and was wearing wigs. I thank God that He put me in the right place at the right time that day. I will be forever grateful to Mr. Leonardo and his miracle product.
Patricia Dobbins
Atlanta, GA
October 2008
After using several different hair growth products and considering hair replacement, I finally decided to try Mr. Leonardos Hair Growth Treatment. After using the products for two weeks, I not only saw growth, but the texture of my hair was strong and healthy. Ive been using the product for three months now and cannot believe the change in my hair.
W. J. Carter

October 2008
Mr. Leonardos products works like he says it does! Before purchasing his products, my hair was dry, unmanageable, shedding a lot, and when wet, it would mat up and break as I combed it. My touch up looked as if the perm wasnt taking. After using Mr. Leonardos Hair Growth System, my hair is straight, shiny and I am not combing out any hair! I am so happy that my hair now has control. I proudly tell others about Mr. Leonardos products because I know it works. My hair shows that it WORKS!.
Ms. Juanita


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