Question:  "I always thought that the leave ins were drying...am I misinformed? I don't like the way most products leave my hair feeling when I have tried to use the leave ins, any suggestions?"
                Most leave in conditioners are cream base or either thick solutions.  Leave ins have to be liquid only with the ability to penetrate.  When using liquid leave ins also use a liquid sealer to lock in the moisture and any dryness, breakage and brittleness will be eliminated.  We have two liquid leave in conditioners, Phase I and Phase II, one deposits moisture and the other Phase II is a sealer that locks in the moisture. These conditioners makes the hair feel like silk and is excellent for natural or relaxed hair.

Question:  I have natural hair and I am having problems with dryness and tightness which makes my hair hard to manage. Can your products help me?
                Mr. Leonardo's Hair Growth & Maintenance System will give your natural hair the moisture it needs to eliminate the dryness and tightness. It will loosen the hair texture to allow you to manage your natural hair style with ease and also stop any breakage you may experience.  If you are unable to start with the entire Hair Growth & Maintenance System, start with the Phase II Leave In Conditioner, the Fast Grow Formula Oil Moisturizer and the Intensive Growth Cream. You will experience an immediate difference in the look and feel of your natural style.

Question:  Does your products work for those wearing weave and wigs?
                 The answer is yes!  Mr. Leonardos's Hair Growth & Maintenance Products actually helps those who wear weave and wigs whether by choice or necessity due to  damage from glue, tight braids etc. Our products stimulate growth by supplying moisture to your hair, prevents dryness and brittleness which leads to breakage, thinning and eventually balding without proper maintenance.
Question:  When should I go natural or continue with a relaxer?
                 This is a matter of personal choice.  Going natural is now the new trend, however, it still requires proper maintenance as with relaxed hair. Proper maintenance is the key to healthy hair growth whether relaxed or natural. To achieve healthy hair, the right products are necessary for both relaxed and natural hair. Mr. Leonardo's Hair Growth and Maintenance Products is the "Real Solution" to hair care and hair maintenance for men, women and children.

Question:  How can I make my curls last longer with relaxed hair?
                 When roller setting wet hair, apply Mr. Leonardo's Silk Foam Wrap.  This will give the hair more body and bounce and the curls will last longer. In between shampoos, you can also apply the Silk Foam Wrap to dry hair, then roller set for a fresh look.

Yes, Mr. Leonardo’s Hair Products will work for you regardless if the problem is considered heredity.

Our products stops breakage, thinning, shedding, balding, restores receding hair, restores hair back to its natural beauty.

Mr. Leonardo's products works on relaxed, natural, dreds, twist -  all hair texture and persons of all ethnicity.  These products are truly the ultimate solution to healthy hair restoration.

Mr. Leonardo’s Hair Growth and Hair Care Products are for men, women and children.

Question : Is this product just for women?

Question : Is it just for relaxed hair?

Question : Does it stop breakage?

Question : I have hereditary balding. Can your products help me?

Glue blocks out moisture which results in dryness, brittleness, which leads to breakage, thinning and eventually balding. Mr. Leonardo’s Hair Growth System restores moisture, which stimulates growth.

Question : My balding was caused by using glue. What can I do?


Question :  I am considering wearing the lace front wig.  Is it OK?
Lace front wigs causes serious damage to the hair line.  The purpose is suppose to have it appear as though you have a perfect hair line, however, by gluing it to the most sensitive area, your hair line, you end up destroying the hair line that you do have
For those who have done the lace front wigs and have lost your hair line and sides, Mr. Leonardo's Hair Growth System Kit will restore your own hair line and sides back.

 Question :  Mr. Leonardo, I have done it all.  I've worn the micro braids, ponytail, lace front wigs, 27 pieces and now I am bald in the crown and my edges are gone.  I am now hooked on weaves and wigs to hide the damage. Can you help me?
Yes we can. These issues have become a real WORLD WIDE CRISES!  Because the focus has been lost on MAINTAINING HEALTHY HAIR, and more focus has been placed on styles and trends, including micro braids- which causes headaches from tension and itchy scalp from dryness, weaves, ponytails, lace front wigs, and 27 pieces, which all causes breakage, shedding, thinning, dryness, brittleness and balding. THERE IS HOPE! There is an answer for you and others who silently suffer with these same problems.
Mr. Leonardo's Hair Growth and Hair Care Products is the "REAL" Solution.  For men, women and children our products will resolve all hair problems, no matter how severe, no matter how long.  We can restore your own hair back to a healthy state..

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