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Mr. Leonardo's Hair Growth & Maintenance Products is working wonders in the hair care industry. Having been in the field of cosmetology for more than 50 years,  Mr. Leonardo saw many unresolved hair challenges men, women and children faced. Over twenty years ago Mr. Leonardo realized that millions of people would become bald one day because of the various improper techniques that were being performed to their hair; and inferior products being used, was not only damaging, but would cause hair problems down the road. The reality is that people, particularly women, are silently suffering and want their own hair back!

Increasing amounts of studies show a rising trend in hair loss and breakage among men and women of all race and culture. Because of this increase, Mr. Leonardo and his wife operates Mr. Leonardo's Hair Growth Center on Cascade Road in Atlanta, GA.  Hair loss and breakage due to improper relaxing, lack of proper hair maintenance and proper use of color is a fraction of the problem. Turning to weaves, braids and wigs to display their crowning glory, they do not realize that these styling techniques inevitably lead to hair loss.

To resolve these problems, Mr. Leonardo developed Mr. Leonardo's Hair Growth and Hair Maintenance Products. Mr. Leonardo's formula for the hair growth system came to him in a dream that he directly attributes to God. The dream revealed to him that hair is a plant and it thrives like all other plants, on moisture. The formula given to him is built around establishing moisture in damaged hair and restoring it back to health; a concept that is not widely practiced today.

Mr. Leonardo's Hair Growth & Maintenance Systems includes products such as: Clean and Grow Formula Shampoo; Phase I and II Deep Intensive Grow Leave-In-Conditioners; Fast Grow Formula Oil Moisturizer With Growth Stimulant; Miracle Hair Drops Hair Growth System; and the Intensive Growth Cream, additionally there is a special Silk Relaxer System designed for the hair care needs of every user. 
Mr. Leonardo's Hair Growth and Hair Maintenance products services the need in hair to people of all ages, race and hair type for men, women and children. 

Mr. Leonardo's Hair Growth Center receives orders from all over the world as a result of its internet website, national hairstyle magazine advertisements, and  military bases throughout the world. Mr. Leonardo is also featured on 10 Clear Channel radio stations throughout the South and Southeastern United States and also television.

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